The 1st week of May 2009 saw some great losses in our artist community.

R.I.P. | One of music’s most cherished pioneers, Detroit’s Amp Fiddler, lost his only child, 18 year-old Dorian A. Fiddler, on May 1st due to diabetic complications. Dorian was an accomplished drummer and trumpeter, with a stoic spirit and his father’s inherent musical talent. Dorian will be dearly missed, and Amp is in our thoughts and prayers.

R.I.P. | Renowned American painter Ernie Barnes made his final transition last week at the age of 70. Barnes work, such as the famed “Sugar Shack,” became cultural icons by way of mass media such as the hit TV show “Good Times” and Marvin Gaye‘s “All Things Considered,” and have since served as inspiration for countless underground soul-dance music party flyers worldwide. His work now immortalized, NPR reported; Many people would call Barnes a “black painter.” He preferred the description “neo-Mannerist.” Barnes never painted his subjects with their eyes open. “We don’t see each other,” he said once in an interview. “We are blind to each other’s humanity.”