FUSICOLOGY: How did Global Mixx start?

MARY DATCHER: Global Mixx (G-Mixx), now in its 4th year, started off of the initial conference that I launched with DJ Tony Neal CORE DJ retreat, G-Mixx spun off from that.  The socialized environment one on one with DJs, put together in 3 weeks – make it a mix, globally and it grew – we evolved from just DJs and  into more so a lifestyle.  G-Mixx is an intimate, high quality conference that focuses on advertisers, artists, attorneys, djs, producers, providing many different areas for people to learn about the business.

FUS: Describe yourself and your background.

MD: I am liaison between the music industry side and corporate brands understanding the needs of not only djs but, empowering them on how to survive to the business, the business changes all the time. G-Mixx evolved especially last year to aspiring artists, songwriters and producers so that they can also all eat, educate and learn.

I am originally from Chicago; after I started street promotions for MCA I was offered to work for Def Jam and moved to Dallas. The VP of Rap Promotions at MCA Records at the time was friends with the VP of Promotions Def Jam and they were forming their first promo regional staff, he recommended me, though I had to move to Dallas when I was barely 21 which was a difficult experience but I got to work with people like Russell Simmons and Lyor Cohen which gave me my cutting edge although I was there for less than a year.

When I moved back to Chicago, I became the manager for George Daniels’ George’s Music Room, facilitating in-stores, dealing with labels, communicated with neighborhood activist programs, giving back to the kids and assisting in building a great brand for George’s Music Room. I then launched my own company, On The Street Promotions & Marketing, and I shifted on the corporate side and initiated an Urban Music & Entertainment department at Kevin Berg & Associates (KBA Marketing). There, I was responsible for the Salem program for KBA as well as overseeing street team programs for Coca Cola, Nike, Mars and other multicultural programs understanding the dynamics of the demographics, culture and lifestyle.

FUS: What do you see as the future in the music industry?

MD: Multimedia…music execs that come from that background, I saw early on the bridge between the corporate brands with music and cross marketing projects. The music industry has learned a valuable lesson because of the downloading, and illegal burning because they thought site’s like Napster would go away but realizing now that they have to work in part with the digital download sites. This has also lead to the demise of Indy Mom and Pop stores who have gone bankrupt.

I like to go up and beyond when we’re partnering with a corporate brand. Now most record labels we want a percentage of what they pay the artist to subsidize CD sales, taking also a percentage of the tour dollars etc making it a 360 deal. It’s no longer just about the music, it’s also about how brandable you are to cross market for other projects. A great example is what HP has done in part with music giants such as Jay-Z and Gwen Stefani…partnering with other brands, thinking outside the box, and creating a hip connection level with the consumer.

FUS: What is the future of Global Mixx?

MD: Global Mixx in the future is going to be a real multimedia company that specializes in working with different genres and different companies that goes outside the circles which can be hard to get – we are a conduit that allows people to network with each other , and create resources to empower themselves outside of their circle.

FUS: What else should we know about this weekend?

We encourage registration for people on the fence, who aren’t sure if they are interested but they don’t know what to expect – go online, check out the different prices to experience it for themselves without the intimidation, and for those that have been in the business for a long time, support what has been going on in the industry to keep things moving. We have to resuscitate of what is going on with the economy and the music biz. We are going to have voter registration table as well, and working with public officials this year by having a forum, ‘Music Meets Politics’ to discuss the election process – your voice, your year.

MORE INFO & REGISTER @ GlobalMixx.com


Special Thanks to Global Mixx’s Mary Datcher for the interview and David Nobel for setting it up.  Fusicology.com is a proud media sponsor of the 4th Annual Global Mixx Music Retreat.