What is the Order Up?

The Order Up! series is a collection of projects produced by Nobody Famous to showcase his talents as a producer by collaborating with various artists from different musical genres. The series also features Nobody Famous as an artist. Order Up! started with a 7 song mix tape that featured several Hip-Hop artists from around the United States. Volume one received a great response on the internet via social networking sites as well as on hip-hop/rap and urban blogs. Volume 2 of the series touches on different genres of music such as Pop and Soul as well as Hip-Hop and Rap. Future releases will touch on different genres of music such as Funk, Soul, Pop, etc with a Hip-Hop foundation it allows the average Hip Hop enthusiast to think “outside the box”.

Why the name Order Up?

The name Order Up! is based off of a popular restaurant in the Southeast called the Waffle House. When you go to the Waffle House you can spend $7 and walk away feeling satisfied. Nobody Famous envisions his music and the Order Up! series in the same way. When you listen to his music he wants you to walk away feeling satisfied and come back for more! The music industry is currently in an evolution, and listeners are not looking for the “fast food” style of music anymore, they want to be satisfied from the music they listen to, and this is the aim of the Order Up! series…to fill you up!

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