2008 has been a big year for singer/songwriter Peter Hadar, that was kicked off by his surprise recognition as one of URB Magazine’s Next 100 Artists; calling him ,“the next, next big thing in R&B”. He was then featured in Billboard Magazine’s ‘Now Hear This’ section, both praising his style and determination for greatness. On June 24th, Peter released his sophomore album ‘Well Dressed for the Art Show’ which further separates him from the pack; delving deeper into his Electronica, Glam, and Experimental flavor. His background in fashion extends his versatility, style, and influence. Nothing can stop this Cool Weirdo’s International TakeOver.

Peter Hadar

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We got a chance to ask him some questions about his new album and the state of music.

FUSICOLOGY: Please tell us about this new sophomore album of yours

PETER HADAR: It didn’t take too long to pull it together, I wanted to be progressive.  The last album was what I could get, this album is what I really wanted to do.  Last one was a soul classic, this one more experimental and this is the way I feel about the music industry and relationships.  Paying homage to writing rock, electro and to push the envelope.  Sexy, fashionable, progressive.

FUSICOLOGY: How do you feel about the music industry?

PETER HADAR: Everyone is at a weird place, there is no backing to make progression.  To blow like a Kanye West is important because people need to hear the music.  Labels and radio are not allowing it to happen but fans are looking for something different.

FUSICOLOGY: How is the tour coming along?

PETER HADAR: We are trying to where we can and promoters help us get there.  Flights are expensive but we’re doing it.  I wish there were more Fusicology’s pushing for these types of artists.

FUSICOLOGY: Thanks, and I hear you.  Which artists do you want to work with?

PETER HADAR: Jack Davey, Pharrell, Autolux, Bird and the Bee and other indie rock bands that influence me.  I have a drum and bass album coming out with Mathematics and a punk/pop/rock album as well.

Peter shouts out Mike Genato, Monique Willis, Baby Jupiter and my manager, Shayna Miller.