FUSICOLOGY: Tell us about your new album, ‘Sketches of a Man’

DWELE: This album created an outlet of my artwork by creating an avenue for my drawings, sketches and recently my paintings I more recently got into in the start of 2007.

FUSICOLOGY: How does this album compare musically to the others?

DWELE: ‘Subject’ had a soulful vide, ‘Some Kind’ was more jazz and this is more hip hop influenced as well as by every day situations.

FUSICOLOGY: How’s Detroit’s scene right now?

DWELE: Detroit is still bubbling with more under the radar – it’s live!  From gospel to techno, hip hop to soul.  I perform every now and then, probably not as much as I should.

FUSICOLOGY: Tonight (in LA) is your first tour date, what other shows are you doing?

DWELE: New York is next, then Toronto and then back to the East Coast.

FUSICOLOGY: Which artists that you have not yet worked with, would you like to work with?

DWELE: Erykah Badu, Musiq, Ghostface Killah (I am a huge Wu Tang fan!) and if I could bring him back, Donnie Hathaway

FUSICOLOGY: What does the future hold?

DWELE: I flow, enjoying being an artist.  I may get into running a record label as well.  I have also been getting into photography and Final Cut.

Sketches of a Man Out Now on KOCH.

– Special Thanks to Ron E and the band.