Well we come to another Black History Month in the most interesting of times. Amidst controversy within Hip Hop culture, Obama running for the presidency, and the still increasing violence amongst black males against one another. 2008 is an interesting time indeed. I think this year more than any instead of dwelling in the past, we should look at the now. I say this because it’s like that old fat dude that sits around reminiscing about his high school football exploits and has done nothing since. What have we done as a black community recently? What if Martin Luther King Jr. and others could see us today?

Well we’re in better economic standing right? Wrong. We still receive the same fraction of this country’s wealth as we always have. The only difference is the overall wealth of this country has grown and the few of us that are “living the good life” are magnified on television as if to say “See! Blacks are doing better.” An impressive deception if I must say so myself. While on the phone the other night with a friend of mine, I found myself realizing that Hip Hop could simultaneously be one of the best and worst things that we as a people have created. Best because of the creativity involved in the art form that is still evolving and has connected mankind worldwide on many fronts. Worst because it has been used to perpetuate negative stereotypes about blacks in the media and, most sadly, has been a tool used to convince young blacks that it’s cool to be ignorant, uneducated, violent, and disrespectful.

I think its time for tough love. Mr. Bill Cosby tried to give us that tough love and was met by a backlash from the black community. How much longer can we blame “The Man?” When we will take responsibility for our behavior as well as the behavior of our brothers and sisters? When will we stop hating ourselves? Urban and upwardly mobile blacks looking down their noses at one another. Young blacks and older blacks having no respect for one another. For ages we have tried to rekindle the spirit of the 60s but that time is passed. In this time of world crisis, I feel there’s only one way to reverse the psychological damage in the black community and work towards curing the ills of the world. Recognize each other as human beings first. That person is not just your brother because he’s black. It’s because he is a human being, just like your Latino and Jewish brothers.

So in summary, Black History month is cool I guess. But I won’t rest until they abolish Black History Month (which is an insult being it’s the shortest month of the year if you ask me) and incorporate “Black History” into the regular school curriculum here. It’s not black history. It’s history…PERIOD. The advances these great men and women we study every February made help all of mankind in most cases. So why confine it to a month? Black History Month is a blatant testimony that things haven’t progressed as much as we think, even if they vote Obama in. Your thoughts?

– Thoth