NYE features photos and blogs rollin’ in…Fusicology’s Founder, Asya Shein, Kiss N Grind spent New Years event in the Hollywood Hills at a gorgeous castle event Fusicology and sponsored with DJs Garth Trinidad, Vikter Duplaix and the lovely Rashida who DJs for Prince who also attended the event with his entourage along with other notables like Talib Kweli, Res, Dj Eque, Graph Nobel and a slew of pretty looking LA folks. The food was phenomenal, southern cooking at it’s best, along with the best desserts a VIP ticket can by, going beautifully with the champagne flowing all night courtesy of Barefoot Wine.

Jocelyne Ninneman, an editor and contributor at Fusicology, blogs about her NYE in Philly:

Went to’s Back2Basics Monday night NYE edition w/Rich Medina & Dozia. Brought my conservative lil brother along to dwntn Philly so he could see what his crazy big sis does…. surprised tha crap outta Rich, as he had to stop mixing a Fela Kuti record to do a triple-take & then mouth “WTF?!” …are YOU doing here?!” as I did my thang on the dancefloor…. later he mentions that he thought he saw someone he knew, but outta place for like an hour or more, and then finally realized he wasn’t crazy…. and it WAS me – the “dancfloor fairy, or something – showin up on random dancefloors…” – excited that he’s about to be a daddy in a few weeks, hoping for a boy, and got 6 names already picked out… meanwhile, Tayyib from was all dressed up tux & all as he was – and I quote – “Gary Coleman, but hottt.” !