Need the great god Thoth even address this?! Fine! Fine! Okay! But it speaks for itself when there is a few hour long music award showcase and all you hear about are Kanye’s temper tantrum, a scuffle between two washed up rock stars, and about a performance from a soon to be washed up pop star. So on to the Video Mockery Awards.

Ah shut up! If you wanna see who won go to A god doesn’t address such absurdities. Is this music? Has the listening audience really been that brainwashed to think this is actual entertainment?! The music industry is devolving into a watered down caricature of its own watered down self. How pathetic. The best part was Jamie Foxx and Diddy making fun of the rock has beens scuffle.

Okay now to keep it real. Pop culture is, sadly enough, but a representation of our collective ills. The wanton arrogance, braggadocio, and excess is a symptom of our collective thinking in this society. When you have a grown multi-millionaire backstage cursing out loud because he didn’t win…its just sad. This is the immature sense of entitlement we as lazy Americans have festering within ourselves.

So its finally happened people. We’ve been staring at the cube in the living room so long..its become a mirror. Turn away while you can…its not too late.
– Written by Thoth

Kanye West’s Backstage Meltdown: