Once again around 100,000 fashion industry and entertainment professionals gathered in Vegas for the bi-annual Fashion Trade show week, centered around MAGIC. While documenting the film shoot that DJ Eque was doing for
Flow TV, we saw folks like Russell Simmons at the Baby Phat tradeshow headquarters – he may have stepped down as CEO of Phat Fashions last week but he was very present at the Convention.

The POOL Tradeshow had an Eco Friendly appeal where the artistic, avant-garde & style-conscious brands took part like Livity Outernational. Defined by a truly free and healthy positive lifestyle, the line uses straw, hemp, organic cotton, bamboo, soy, recycled plastic bottles, and veggie oil based synthetics to create futuristic yet classic garments and accessories.

The Project Show showcased premier and contemporary global fashions. The higher-end lines were coupled with an extraordinary showroom that was as cutting edge and sophisticated as the lines that were showcased. Next door at the Venetian Hotel was the Global Eco Apparel Trade and Fashion Show, for the Environmentally Conscious.

Along with the main tradeshows, a welcomed escaped away from the strip came at the Unity Show. In it’s first year, produced by DJ Muggs’ G1SA (Greyone Soul Assassins), this gorgeous mansion housed street wear designers while DJs played hip hop, reggae and soul. Buyers, many international, came to visit the lines in a luxurious setting while networking.

Notable events… Famous Stars & Straps at the Venetian Pool Roof Top with a guest DJ set by Lil John & his DJ Spider, Alternative (Apparel) at the Wynn, Spank Rock at the Boost Mobile/FADER event, the Bay Area-based Hieroglyphics Rooftop Party, promoting their new clothing line, the Rocawear party at Jet Nightclub and Black Milk and Blu at the Agenda event.

Some people we saw included Nick Cannon, Bun B, Travis Barker, Self Scientific, Chase Infinite, Planet Asia, photographer Estevan Oriel, Jack from Psycho Realm, reggae artist Shinehead and a few reality TV characters including Melrose from America’s Next Top Model and Jess from VH1’s ‘Rock of Love’. We will have photos once people recover from this week of walking miles thru endless tradeshows, casinos and getting little sleep. It is after all, Vegas.

Enjoy the last official weekend of summer!