The parent of multi-media soulful arts and music festivals, Atlanta’s FunkJazzKafe® is a music festival catering to the full disciple of the arts as opposed to just music. Created by Jason Orr in 1994, the experiences involve fashion, dance, theatre, poetry and all forms of African based music as it relates to modern urban lifestyles.

The events have jazz fusion, reggae, deep house, a massage suite plus a serene room for broader consciousness, the electric/magnetic body and more vegetarian food than meat and dairy products. FunkJazz Kafe® always introduces new products that you can apply to your lifestyle whether it’s technology, music and new ideas.

Not everything before FunkJazz Kafe® involved these things – in DC it was Go-Go, in the South it was brass culture, NYC east coast hip hop, & House from Chicago (speaking of, the legendary Lil’ Louis attends all events, flying in from NYC!). The event s encompass old soul, classic R&B, high-end futuristic shit in the tradition of Outkast and Goodie Mob – all of those things in one.

Prior to FunkJazz Kafe®, Jason was a tax collector between 1991 and 1995 then started FunkJazz Kafe® in 1994, quit his job in early 95 after they complained how many Fridays and Mondays he requested to be off work- took his pension and kept doing FunkJazz Kafe® – during that time he met and ended up managing drummer “Lil” John Roberts. Jason is also a musician in the band Soul of Earth, collaborating with the likes of Dionne Farris, Caron Wheeler, Carl Macintosh from Loose Ends, Lady Alma and others.

The last FunkJazz Kafe® was in the October of 2004 for part four of their 10th year celebrations. Why come back? Jason explains: “It’s my lifestyle, it’s easy for me to do so as I’ve created a unique brand allegiance that people come to be excited – who’s going to be there? They don’t know until that night. It’s exciting and I love doing this…one day someone will do it bigger.” Presently, Jason is working on a movie and, in his words, “I am a glad to be me.”

On July 28th, FunkJazz Kafe® featured Angie Stone, Dead Prez, Bone Crusher, Gordon Chambers, N’Dambi, Dawn from En Vogue, Mausiski Scales & The Common Ground Collective, Vinx & Janelle Monae.

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