Sunday July 22nd

The sun shine perfectly this day of the northeast corner of Union park on Chicago’s Westside. People gather in large numbers to see and support the artist the look to for inspiration in the ever changing medium of music. The weather and the music where in harmony all day. First there was Qualo a upcoming rap group from Chicago. They warmed the stage up nicely using the a live band and DJ Machede to bring there brand of Hip Hop infused punk and street to the audience. Qualo’s cover of White Stripes 7 nation army was very well received. As they left the stage on of the most skilled DJ’s hopped on the 1’s and 2’s and did his thing. Timbucktu gave the crown a trip down memory lane playing classic spreading from De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Gang Starr, Group Home, and some Slum Village. As Timbucktu ascended from the stage Little Brother got on and blazed the park with there soulful brand of Hip Hop. They truly had the crowd on there feet for the 40 minutes they stood on stage. Keeping the crowd laughing as well with some comical renditions of R&B classics.

Moving along the mystic personality and talent that is Bilal came to the stage and the crowd stood in amazement. Bilal being the only singer in the line up brought the spirit into the park as the first signs of dusk appeared in the sky. He performed some of the new songs on schoolers. Also wowing the lady’s with his smooth sing. As the evening drew to a close Mos Def took time to thank everyone for the political prisoners, the streets, Zune, and all in attendance for coming out and supporting the music he and the rest of the line up represent. At the end of all of this I brought a date and she was amazed and so happy I made her come out the house. All and all a legendary night. Zune has definitely raise the bar in giving back to its supports.

Written by Sonny Daze for Fusicology